Thursday, April 10, 2008

How To Save On Insurance

As much as possible, if it can be done, you must seize every opportunity where it is possible for you to save on insurance. Here are some tips you can follow.

In your home insurance:

- If you think about it, you can actually save up to several hundred dollars if you buy insurance from a low-price but licensed insurer. Compare prices of the insurance departments in your state and get the lowest price but most practical company.

- Negotiate a lower selling price with a broker who works for you and not as the mediator to the seller. There may be a conflict of interest if there are too many people involved. So negotiate with just the broker.

In your life insurance:

- If you prefer just insurance protections, and not a savings and investment life policy, you can just buy term life insurance.

- If you would like to purchase the whole life insurance, then hold up to one up to 15 years. If you cancel these policies after only two years of having them under your name will mean double the insurance costs.

- Check the public library about life insurance in your state and get one that suits your personal savings.

In your home rental:

- Most of the time, we find it’s more convenient to limit our search for homes in classified ads or the referrals we get from our friends and acquaintances. That mustn’t be the case. You must also do some home-searching on your own by visiting a building that you’d ideally like to live. Contact the building manager or owner if something can be arranged. When you’re there personally, it’s easier to see about a fixed lower rate.

- Don't sign instinctively. Thoroughly read the lease because if you signed it there and then, it might probably obligate you to make all monthly payments.

In home repairs:

- Choose from several well established and licensed contractors and review their report regarding the house you would like to purchase.

- Before buying the house, make sure an inspector has already approved it and filed for no damages.

- If it is a home that is being built especially for you, do not sign any contract that requires you to pay in full. Pay in full after the house is completely done.

In major appliances:

- Research on Consumer Reports. These are available in your public library. Compare the different brands to one another. Evaluate them. Focus on the energy use. Choose the one with the reasonable price. Of course, get one whose style is appealing. Prioritize function but don't forget form nonetheless.

- Once you’ve made your choice, check the directory or the internet which stores have this brand. Then compare the prices of the stores. Get the one that has the most understandable price. Of course, you should also consider how convenient it would be for you to get to the store.

In food purchases:

- Convenience stores often have additional charges on their products because of their 24 hour service. You can save a lot just by shopping at the lower-priced food stores. Make sure their food is fresh.

- Always have a list with you. In that way, you only get what you’re supposed to get and don’t indulge in impulsive buying and hoarding.

- Compare prices of the same product. That’s why these are set alongside one another on the shelf. Stock up on those items that come in bulk for a low-per-unit cost.

In prescription drugs:

- Just like any other product, if the drugs have a brand name, there’s a tendency they’re much more expensive than their generic counterparts. Ask your pharmacist or physician whichever generic drug is appropriate.

- Just like stores, each pharmacy charges different prices for the similar product. Compare prices. They also have offers on the calling mail-order which tend to charge lower.

In funeral arrangements:

- Talk to close friends or relatives on how you would want to be buried. Make a list. If you can, be the one to look for the property where you would want to be laid to rest, or the funeral home that offers the urn that you would want to be placed after your cremation.

- Contact a local memorial society. Not only would it be easier for you but these could save you thousands of dollars.

- Compare prices of the funeral home. Look them up and read on the testimonials of their other customers. Listen to friends’ and acquaintances referral. Who says you can’t have the best even in death.

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