Thursday, April 10, 2008

Party And Money Saving Tips

You may want to limit your expenses in setting up a party. The costs of items that you will need for your party could be expensive. You should learn how to limit your expenses and set a reasonable budget for the party that you are going to have.

Allotting a budget for a party doesn't mean that your party can't be fabulous or extravagant. If you intend to save more money on your party, you should break down the expenses that you will have for the party. Here are some tips on how to host a party on a budget.

1. You should list the names of the guests you will invite. Invite only those people who are important to you. You may include your family and friends that are closest to you. In this way, you can prepare for a quality party on a budget.

2. You should only select dishes that may need less preparation but are still impressive. You may find a variety of dishes that may cost less but can look fabulous and taste great. You may also order for a selection of dishes from your nearest catering service if you don't have the time to cook and prepare.

3. You may serve fewer courses of meals and limit the choices of food. You may serve only one appetizer and concentrate on the main meal that you intend to serve for the party. You should know the dishes that are commonly served at events like wedding receptions and dinner parties.

4. If you intend to serve wine, you should purchase wine in bulks. The price should be cheaper compared to buying in bottles offered to you by your caterer.

5. You may use your own tables, chairs, and utensils for the party. In this way, you can order only the things that you don't have at home. You may ask your family members and friends to help you set up the tables and chairs for the reception.

You should plan early for the party. You may consider using your garden as your place for the party or reception. In this way, you can save more money that you will pay for a restaurant. If you don't have the space for bigger parties, you may consider hosting the party outdoors where you can have more space for more invited guests.

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